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The Dirty E-word: English Teaching in Japan

You’re not one of those, are you? Those people who come here to prey on the failing and flailing English education of Japan. Those English teachers.

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Being a career woman in Japan – a story of tea and men

“Go get me some tea”. My 77-year old boss didn’t bother to look up from his papers. I bounced up with a high-pitched “hai!” and meekly slipped out the door to make the man some bitter, bitter, Japanese tea. When I returned, he gazed up at me and flashed a toothless smile. “You have become […]

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What it’s really like doing International Relations in Japan

International Relations. The only legit answer you can give your relatives when they ask what on earth you’ll do with your East Asian degree. “Yes uncle, I have a long-term career-plan for my life and see myself being ambassador in 20 years” sounds much better than “I have no clue what to do after studying […]

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